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8 Reasons Why Cats Love Elevated Perches

In a multicat household where there’s any tension, you might find one or more of the cats feel more secure eating their meals in an elevated location. It can also be an easy way to keep an older, less mobile or obese cat away from a younger kitten’s food.

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

5. A Look-Out Place for Hunting Opportunities

For an indoor cat, the perch or cat tree located near a window is the perfect spot to keep an eye on potential prey activity happening outdoors. Even though she won’t be able to get to the prey, it becomes a form of Cat TV. It also provides a handy view of any unfortunate spider or bug who wanders into the room. For an outdoor cat, the elevated perch, whether it’s a tree branch or the roof of a shed, gives her a safe place to visually scan for prey.

6. Exercise and Playtime for Your Cat

If you have a multi-perched cat tree, the cat has the added benefit of being able to climb, jump and play on the structure. With a cat tree, it can also serve double-duty as a scratching surface if you choose one that has sisal-wrapped support posts.


7. Scent Familiarity for Your Cat

Although many cats may choose to sit or nap on whatever piece of furniture is convenient, there’s something very special about perches and cat trees. Furniture shared by other family members will have their scents on them whereas the perches and cat trees will only smell like the cats themselves. Scent plays a huge role in the cat world when it comes to identification, comfort and familiarity. For many cats, the ability to curl up in a spot that smells exclusively like them can provide extra reassurance. This can make a big difference if your cat is typically nervous or uncomfortable when visitors come to the house. The chair that kitty likes to sleep in may now have the unfamiliar scent of a guest, whereas the cat tree will always smell familiar.

In a multicat household you can’t assign particular perches to individual cats but it’s important to make sure you have more than enough choice spots so no one has to compete. Pay attention to where each cat likes to spend time as well so you can locate perches and cat trees in those areas of the environment. Some cats won’t mind sharing the various perches on a cat tree but there are also cats who need a bigger personal distance. Make sure everyone has comfy and secure elevated options.