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Black Cat Appreciation Day is August 17

black cat appreciation day

Black Cat Appreciation Day is August 17th. Why do we need such a special day? Because no other cats have endured more myths, lies and abuse. It’s important that we put an end to the false beliefs and ignorance surrounding these beautiful cats. If you share your home with a black cat, you already know that every day deserves to be Black Cat Appreciation Day, but here’s an extra opportunity to spread the word and help raise awareness.

A few nerdy facts about black cats

  • The black cat isn’t a breed. There are 22 breeds that recognize black coats. The Bombay, however, was developed to look like a black panther and is the one breed where solid black is the only color.
  • Melanism (the opposite of albinism) is what causes the dark coat.
  • Black coats are more common in male cats.
  • The amount of melanin is also what gives the black cat’s eyes a golden color.
  • In bright sunlight, you might see faint markings of a tabby pattern on your cat’s coat. This means the black cat has the dominant gene for solid black but the tabby pattern gene is not completely repressed.

Photo: Pam Johnson-Bennett

Unfair history and superstitions

In the middle ages, black cats were believed to be associated with witchcraft. This unfair connection between witchcraft and black cats is kept alive today through the awful Halloween decorations used, depicting evil-eyed black cats. Myths of black cats being bad luck have also contributed to the unfair image and in many cases, abuse of these beautiful animals. Black cats are especially vulnerable around Halloween and in fact, many shelters suspend adoption of black cats during the month of October.

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