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Clicker Training

Clicker training offers you an effective communication tool to use with your cat. You can click and reward for subtle behaviors you normally wouldn’t be able to acknowledge.

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 The Clicker

You’ll need a clicker. This is a small device that makes a cricket-type sound. The reason we use a clicker is that it’s a unique sound in the environment so kitty will know when she hears it, she has done something desirable. The clicker is used to “mark” the behavior you want from your cat when it’s displayed. The clicker communicates to the cat that a very specific behavior is desirable. Since most cats are very food-motivated you will immediately follow a click with a food reward. The cat learns the sound of the click means a reward will follow.

Clickers are available at your local pet product store as well as online. For timid cats who might be afraid of the clicker sound you can use the click of a ballpoint pen.

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