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Pam is currently doing a limited number of virtual consultations through Zoom. In order to schedule a virtual consultation, your cat’s behavior issue can not be medically related. Problems such as litter box avoidance or unprovoked aggression may be due to an underlying medical condition. Make sure your veterinarian has cleared your cat of having a medically-caused behavior problem. The consultation with Pam is not intended as a medical diagnosis and is not a replacement for your cat’s personalized veterinary care. No medical or nutritional advice will be offered. Because Pam is not seeing your cat in-person, the advice given in the consultation is to be considered general guidance.

  • The fee for a one-hour virtual consultation is $425.00
  • The fee includes one month of weekly email and/or phone follow-up
  • The fee for a one-hour consultation with one month of unlimited email and/or phone follow-up is $475.00
  • Consultations are scheduled Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm eastern time
  • Virtual consultations are conducted through Zoom
  • Virtual consultations are not appropriate for all behavior issues


  • email our office to schedule a consultation and provide a brief description of your cat’s behavior problem.
  • You will be emailed information on how to prepare for the consultation, including a link to an online behavior history form and consent form.
  • Payment for the consultation is due in advance


Email our office with any questions about whether a virtual consultation will be right for your cat.


NOTE:  Please do not email our office for free behavior advice. If you’re experiencing a problem with your cat’s behavior, contact your veterinarian first because there may be underlying medical cause.







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