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How Cats Show Affection

Cats Displaying Vulnerable Postures

When a cat takes a stretched out position for resting, it shows he feels comfortable with you. When a cat is uncertain, he tends to tuck his limbs under his body and tightly wraps his tail around himself when resting. For a cat to leave his limbs and tail totally exposed means he feels very secure near you.

If the cat is not in a confrontation, he may also stretch out so much that he’s on his back with his tummy exposed. This is the ultimate in trust and relaxation because he is exposing a very vulnerable body part. Don’t confuse this posture with a cat who is exposing his tummy during a battle. In that particular situation, it’s a defensive position displayed to warn an opponent that should the battle continue, all weapons (teeth and claws) will be used. So when interpreting body postures, you always have to take the immediate environment into account.

Photo: Pam Johnson-Bennett

Upright Tail Flicks

A cat’s tail can tell so much about what the cat is feeling. A tail held high with a little hook at the end usually means your cat is happy and confident. Many cats will also give the tail tip a little flick as a greeting when they see you.

Being in Physical Contact With You

Your cat may sit on your lap, sit next to you, lay on top of you when you’re in bed, or he may just lean his back against your arm as you work on the computer. Just the fact that he wants to be in close physical contact with you is quite the compliment.

Feline Vocalization

Cats can carry on all kinds of conversations and there’s no such thing as a simple meow, but many cats issue a special “mew” or a little chirp when their cat parents enter the room.

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