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Multicat Households Need Multiple Scratching Posts

Locations of Scratching Posts

In addition to placing posts in areas where particular cats may tend to spend more time, it can also be helpful to place posts or scratching pads along common pathways or high-traffic areas. For example, if the living room is an area where all cats tend to hang out in order to be close to you, it may be helpful for a cat who is experiencing conflicting emotions, is anxious or excited, to be able to release some of that emotion through scratching. Being in the room with his companion cats might create a higher level of excitement so he’ll have the option of being able to scratch.

You can even use the convenient location of posts to your benefit when cats are together. If you notice an increase in tension, go over to the post yourself and rake your own nails up and down the surface. Very often, the enticing familiar sound will trigger a cat to run over and start scratching as well.

When it comes to creating a peaceful multicat home, the more choice you offer, the greater the chance of kitty harmony.

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