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Older Cats Need Blood Pressure Readings

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Blood Pressure Readings

Your veterinarian can check your cat’s blood pressure using a special cuff that’s non-painful, quick and very easy. The blood pressure reading should be a normal part of your older cat’s semi-annual exam. The reading only takes a couple of minutes, doesn’t require any type of sedation and is well tolerated by most cats.  And speaking of older cats, it’s a good idea to switch from yearly examinations to semi-annual ones. Have your cat’s blood pressure checked at least every six months unless your veterinarian recommends a different schedule.

When your veterinarian checks your cat’s blood pressure more than one measurement will be taken. The first measurement is usually discarded to take into account the cat’s elevated anxiety level during the veterinary exam. Additional readings will allow the cat to calm down, adjust to the procedure being performed and the blood pressure to settle back to its typical rate (or at least somewhat normal rate, considering the cat is in an environment he clearly dislikes).

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