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Pet Sitter or Boarding Kennel? Which One is Right for Your Cat?

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How Often Should the Pet Sitter Visit?

Ok, so by now you know that my preferred method of caring for a cat while the family is away is by hiring a top-notch pet sitter or using a very trusted friend. Now we come to another question though – how many visits per day are needed? Many people think a single visit to the home is adequate but really, you need at least two visits daily.

If your cat is used to scheduled meals, you need to have the pet sitter come at those times to maintain the normal schedule. It can be very stressful for a cat who is used to eating two or three times a day to now have to deal with just one meal on top of the fact that her entire family has up and gone. It’s also not healthy for her digestion to gulp down in one meal what she normally would eat over multiple meals.

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It’s also important that what’s happening in the litter is monitored. If there’s any diarrhea, constipation, bloody urine or lack of any evidence of litter box activity whatsoever, it’s better that it’s noticed right away. The twice-daily pet sitter visit will also help ensure good litter box hygiene. If your cat is used to having a sparkly clean box then having to navigate over mounds of soiled litter won’t go over very well.

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