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Think Like a Cat by Pam Johnson-BennettThe Book That Changed the Face of Cat Behavior and Training



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When the original Think Like a Cat came out in 2000, it quickly became known as the “cat bible.” Pam Johnson-Bennett is the most well-known and sought-after cat behavior expert in the world and her “Think Like a Cat” approach to behavior and training was profiled on television, radio and in countless print publications. You’ll find many experts using her techniques on television, in books, and in their own consultation practices. She is the go-to resource for cat parents, behavior experts, veterinarians, shelters and anyone else looking to enrich the lives of cats.

Considered the gold standard by behavior professionals, Think Like a Cat will be your irreplaceable resource throughout your cat’s life. This edition is updated and expanded to include the latest in behavior and healthcare information.

Think Like a Cat is the next best thing to a personal consultation with Pam. The updated and expanded Think Like a Cat contains everything you need to know to raise a happy, healthy cat and not a sour puss!

Think Like a Cat

Table of Contents:

1.      The Cat of Your Dreams

Will You Be a Match Made in Heaven or the Odd Couple?

 2.     Head to Toe

A Guided Tour of Your Cat and the Ways He Communicates

 3.      Watch Out for That Hot Tin Roof

Creating a Safe Home for Your Unstoppable Kitten

 4.      The Doctor Is In

The Other Most Important Person in Your Cat’s Life and How to Tell if Your Cat is Sick

 5.     House Rules

Basic Training

  6.   Fast Forward…Stop…Rewind…Plan

Playtime Techniques Used for Behavior Modification

  7.    Sour Puss

Solving Common Behavior Problems, Serious Problems, and the Ones You’re Too Embarrassed to Tell Anyone About

  8.    Litter Box Survival Guide

Everything You Need to Know, from Set-up to Troubleshooting

 9.     Scratching Posts, Sofas, Antique Chairs… Which One Will Your Cat Choose?

Yes, You Can Have a Cat and Nice Furniture Too

  10.  The Kitty Chef

Finicky Eaters Aren’t Born – They’re Created

 11.  Relationships: Other Cats, Dogs, Kids, and Your Grumpy Aunt Esther

Does Your Cat Hate Your Spouse? Will He Be Jealous of the New Baby? Should You Get a Second Cat? How About a Dog?

 12.   Glamour Puss

How to Make Grooming a Pleasurable Experience (Really, it Can Be Done)

13.   The Pest Patrol

Taking the Bite Out of Fleas and Ticks

 14.   Fasten Your Seat Belt

Traveling Without Trauma

 15.   And Baby Makes Three…Four…Five

What to Do if Your Cat Makes You a Grandparent

 16.  Getting Gray Around the Whiskers

What You Need to Know About Your Geriatric Cat

  17.  Legacy of Love

The Good-bye We’re Never Prepared to Say

 18.   Emergencies and First Aid

Keeping Your Cool in a Medical Crisis

 Medical Appendix

Resource Guide


Think Like a Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett

Rave Reviews…

Think like a cat is a special book. There’s so much relevant cat information and the book is so well written. This is one of those rare books that I enjoyed reading the first time but I definitely want to keep close at hand as a continual source of reference. Plus Pam Johnson-Bennett is such an amazingly wonderful cat advocate. You won’t be disappointed.

D. Glicksman,


Think Like a Cat is considered the cat bible and well regarded by behavior professionals, veterinarians, shelters and pet owners.”


“Ms. Johnson-Bennett paved the way for all of us.  And as a result, she has saved countless cats’ lives. Her work merits a lifetime achievement award.”

Steve Dale, syndicated columnist, contributing editor, USA Weekend


“A++, In depth, easy to read, tons of fantastic information. What more could you want?”

Rebecca Meyer,


Everyone should read this book before getting a cat! Completely changed the way I viewed cat behavior! I have corrected several bad behaviors already with this book! Genius!


“This is a great book for anyone owning a cat. I bought one for myself and one for my nephew and his wife who have added two kitties to their life. This book has so much info. I have had kitties for 40+ years and can’t believe how much I learned. I have had better success with training my flame point Siamese since getting this book. It deals with just every issue you could have with your cat. Very easy to read. I highly recommend this book to anyone with a cat in their life.”



“I own every cat behavior book you have written, including Twisted Whiskers, Hiss and Tell, Tales from a Cat Shrink, and my favorite which is Think Like a Cat. This new and updated book introduces many new methods on helping cats get along, education on nutrition and reading labels, litter box and litter selection – including the much dreaded litter box problems and improper defecation. I have many other behavior books from various authors but haven’t learned as much as I have in this one book. I recommend buying this book. There is not a single cat behavior problem that can’t be fixed – so what are you waiting for? Read this book!”

Zach Atteaberry,


“Every cat owner should have at least one book by Pam Johnson-Bennett. Others write about cat behavior, but no one else includes the same common-sense advice, clear information and comprehensive range of issues.”

The Oregonian


“One of the best books I have ever read about cats’ behavior and thinking. The author obviously knows and loves cats! I would very much recommend this book for any person owned by cats!”

Paul Eifler,


“A must have book if you own a cat.”

Ruth Messana,


“I have cats for 40 years. This is the best cat book I have purchased and I have many. All cat owners should own this as a go to book for great information.”



“If I could only own one feline resource book, this would probably be the one.”


“Johnson-Bennett is the best selling cat book author on the planet, a cat behavior consultant and pioneer in the field.”

Chicago Now


“This book is an excellent tool for the novice or expert cat owner. I’ve read this book from cover to cover and find it a useful reference tool whenever I’m unsure of how to deal with a situation with my cat. It covers issues such as, how to introduce a second cat to the family, preparing kitty for a new baby, moving day, how to remedy behavior problems, etc, etc. I personally have purchased multiple copies of this book to give to friends and family with cats. Highly recommended.”

Stacey M. Fournier,


“I have owned cats for over 30 years, and I have bought many books on feline behavior, but this is by far the best resource I have ever found on the subject. I thought I knew everything about cats, but Pam taught me many things I did not know before. This book has become my “Cat Encyclopedia”, if not my “Kitty Bible,” with valuable information on everything from how to introduce a new cat into my household, to helping to save one of cats from death by curing her horrible problem of inappropriately urinating on my dining room carpet. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a first-time cat owner, to anyone considering getting a cat, and even to veteran cat Moms like me.”

Paula J. Collins,


Think Like a Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett



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