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Is Toilet Training Your Cat a Good Idea?

Why Toilet Training Isn’t the Best Idea For Your Cat

When the cat eliminates in the toilet you can’t accurately see whether there’s a change in urine or feces volume. You also can’t detect a change in elimination habits. If the urine is going into the toilet as opposed to a litter box, you can’t tell whether there has been an increase or decrease in volume. A change in volume is a big red flag to a potential medical problem. When you scoop the litter box you’re alerted to changes in urine clumps. Early detection may make a huge difference in how successfully potential illness is treated.

Toilet training goes against a cat’s natural instinct to dig, eliminate, and cover.

The toilet lid must always be left open. The first time someone closes the lid, the cat has no choice but to eliminate on carpet.

Cats can’t flush so that can cause lingering odor from solid waste.

Cats in multicat homes may object to sharing the same toilet.

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