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Why Does my Cat Drink From the Toilet?

Next, make the water in the cat’s regular bowl more appealing by changing it daily. You can also set up a pet water fountain that will keep the water oxygenated so it’ll taste fresher longer. The pet water fountain can also help if your cat was originally interested in the toilet water as a play behavior. He can now play with the very clean water flowing from the pet water fountain.

When you change the water in the bowl daily, be sure to always wash the bowl out. Cat hair, food debris and dirt can easily cling onto the sides of the bowl. If you want to make the water as appealing as possible you can’t overlook maintaining a clean bowl.

Increase environmental enrichment so your cat has other activities to occupy his time. Engage in daily interactive play sessions, set out puzzle feeders and provide more stimulation so the toilet loses its fascination.

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