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15 Things Cat Owners Have in Common


15 things cat owners have in common

As cat owners, we have so many things in common. It’s wonderful to meet other cat lovers and cat owners, whether in person or through social media, and share pictures, stories, offer or receive advice. It’s wonderful to enjoy the special bond we share. When it comes to the things we have in common, I’m sure you can relate to 15 things I’ve listed. Of course, there are many more things we share but here are just some common ones.

If you’re a new cat owner or are unfamiliar with cats, the list below will give you a peek into our special world.

1. We Don’t See Cat Hair on our Clothes

When we were novice cat owners we were careful about making sure to remove all traces of fur from our clothing, but after going through countless lint rollers, we started wearing that cat hair without a second thought. Now, when we find those hairs on our sleeve or jacket during the day while we’re at work or out in public, it causes us to smile because it reminds us of the precious furry family members waiting at home.

2. A Puking Cat is the Best Alarm

No matter what time of night it is or how deeply we’re sleeping, we can bolt out of bed in seconds to locate the cat in the process of puking. In some cases, it may be the only exercise we get for the day but we show our best athletic ability when we’re trying to move the cat off the carpet and onto the floor before he pukes!

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3. We’ve Mastered the Art of Working at the Computer Despite Feline Obstacles

The cat walks back and forth in front of the monitor, paws at our hand as we try to move the mouse and when that doesn’t work, there’s always just lounging completely across the keyboard. After numerous attempts at placing the cat down on the floor or locking kitty completely out of the room (and having to listen to the very loud meows of disapproval), we’ve gotten quite good at sharing our work space. Who cares if we can’t see most of what’s on the monitor or that the cat’s paw hits a key that sends an email prematurely or deletes a file?

Photo: Pexels

4. We Know Every Petting Sweet Spot and More Importantly, Every Danger Zone

Not all cats enjoy being petted but we know how, when and where our own cats enjoy it. There’s usually one spot that, when petted, brings on purrs of joy and total relaxation. We know where it is and even though our cats may enjoy being petted by other people, we take pride in the fact that we do it the best. We also know to stay away from those areas that elicit hisses, swats, growls or bites.

5. We Love Cat Kisses

People who aren’t familiar with cats may think a cat kiss is when a cat licks but we know better, don’t we? We know about those special cat kisses that are subtle and easy to miss. Cats can kiss by giving a slow blink with their eyes. As cat lovers, we know the difference between a normal eye blink and the slow cat kiss blink. The cat kiss tells us kitty is comfortable and relaxed. It’s an affectionate gesture that can be displayed when the cat is nearby or even across the room. After receiving a cat kiss, many of us have returned the gesture with a slow blink of our own.