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A Ball of Yarn Isn’t a Safe Cat Toy

Once swallowed, the yarn can end up causing a blockage anywhere from the throat to the intestines. It can pull at the intestines and actually cause a tear.

Photo: Pexels

A Cat Getting Tangled

During playtime, your cat could easily become entangled in the yarn or string which creates a potential strangulation risk. Even just getting a paw tangled up in the yarn can cause injury.

String-type Toys

Interactive toys that are based on a fishing pole design are great tools for playtime with your cat but they should never be left out because they pose the same danger. Your cat could easily chew on the string of the toy or get tangled up in it. I’ve seen cats go running through the house in total panic because a toy is wound around a leg or even the neck. Should the end of the toy get caught up on something as the cat is running the end result could be tragic. Make sure all interactive toys are kept in a closet or drawer where the cat can’t gain access and that playtime with these toys is always supervised.


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Other Stringed Dangers for Cats

Yarn and fishing pole-type toys aren’t the only string-related dangers. Rubber bands, ribbon, ponytail holders, thread and even feathers create the same risk. In the case of thread, there’s the added danger of a needle being potentially attached when swallowed by the cat.