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Adult cats make great companions for senior citizens

adult cats make great companions for senior citizens

Pets are great companions for people at any age but an adult cat may be the perfect match for a senior citizen. If a senior is unable to walk a dog or doesn’t feel safe going outdoors in certain weather or when it’s dark, a cat could be an ideal companion because she can live exclusively indoors.

So Many Benefits

Seniors have the opportunity for remaining active as they attend to the daily duties of life with a cat. Scooping the litter box, feeding the cat, brushing and playing will give the senior an opportunity to stay mobile without being too difficult. If the cat parent is unable to do certain chores such as scrubbing out the box and replacing litter, set up a schedule with a family member or friend who can take on that duty.

A senior with limited mobility can still enjoy playtime with the cat by using an interactive toy. The cat guardian can sit in a chair and gently move the wand around so kitty can pounce on the target toy on the end of the string.

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An adult cat can help ease loneliness for an older person. Studies indicate that living with a pet can help lower both blood pressure and cholesterol.

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