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Cats Can Be Trained


cats can be trained

If you’re going through a behavior issue with your cat or if you’re on the threshold of becoming a brand new cat parent, it’s important to learn about behavior, training, and health. If you have a kitten, socialize him right from the very beginning. Puppy socialization classes have long been popular but did you know there are kitten kindergarten classes available as well? Kitten kindergarten sessions are typically conducted at veterinary clinics and humane shelters. Contact your veterinarian to find out if there’s a class in your area. At the very least, take the time to help your new kitten become comfortable so he’ll grow into a well-adjusted adult cat.



Take time to train your cat and help him get comfortable with being around people, being handled, traveling in his carrier, noises and other novel experiences. All-too-often, people get cats because they claim they don’t have time for a higher maintenance pet such as a dog, and then they wind up dissatisfied with the cat because he doesn’t bond with them, doesn’t behave as expected or he doesn’t interact with family members.

Your relationship with your cat requires YOUR participation. This is a relationship! The more you invest in training him, socializing him and learning about what he truly needs (nutritionally, medically, physically and emotionally), the better the chance of having the relationship you’ve always wanted.

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