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Cats Need the Option of Saying “No”

I’m obviously not referring to how a human being would say no, but rather, how your cat says it through his body language. It’s important for your cat to be able to have the choice to say no in many aspects of his life.

Cats Don’t Like Feeling Cornered

We love our cats and enjoy all forms of interaction with them whether that’s petting, holding, playing, training, etc. There are times though when they may not be in the mood and unless it’s something that has to be done, such as getting the cat in the carrier for a veterinarian visit, keeping a cat out of danger or administering medication, the quickest way to cause the deterioration of the relationship is if you force the issue. Pay attention to your cat’s body language. If you’re petting him and he starts displaying signals that suggest he has had enough, then back off. The cat is saying no and if you ignore that message then it causes him to feel trapped in a corner with no other option but to either 1) scratch you, 2) bite you, 3) or go away from you. Even though option #3 is better than the other two, it’s still not what you want in your relationship with your cat.


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