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Does Your Cat Like to Lick Your Hair?

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Appealing Taste or Scent

For other cats, certain hair products such as shampoo, hair spray, hair gels, etc., may hold a certain appeal as far as taste or scent. Some cats may engage in licking the hair of their cat parent just because they like that particular “flavor.”

How to Stop the Hair Licking Behavior

First, the most important thing to remember is to not reinforce the very behavior you don’t want from your cat. If you pet her or talk to her when she’s licking your hair then you’re sending the message that this is a welcomed act on her part.

Move yourself away from the cat. If you’re in bed, place a pillow between you. If you’re sitting in a chair and the cat is behind you licking away, stand up and move. Show your cat when she engages in this particular behavior she loses your company.

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