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How Cats Create a Group Scent


how cats create a group scent

Scent plays a huge role in a cat’s life. To highlight that point, here’s some interesting information. Cats have about 200 million scent receptors in their nostrils and humans have about 5 million. Think about all the scents our noses are missing.

Your cat’s scent-marking and scent-detection capabilities are always working. An environment surrounded with familiar scents is very comforting to a cat and is an important means of identification.

Scent is also used by cats to identify one another. When cats are unfamiliar with each other, their scent-detection ability provides valuable information about the cat who left the scent. It’s so fine-tuned and detailed; the scent mark will tell the “sniffer” information such as the sex, status, reproductive status, and age of the cat. It’s the feline version of leaving a business card.