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How Do I Keep My Cat Off the Counters?

how do i keep my cat off the counters?

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In happens in homes all around the world… food mysteriously disappears off the counter. Who’s responsible? In many cases it’s probably a child or husband who sneaks off with the freshly baked cookies, but then again, it could be a furry feline thief. In addition to the dangers of your cat stealing and ingesting a potentially dangerous food, there are so many risks to being on the counters such as getting burned on the hot stove, licking food off a sharp knife, or grabbing a sharp toothpick. A cat on the counter is also not advisable from a hygiene standpoint. Most people don’t want paw prints on their meatloaf.

There are effective and ineffective ways to keep your cat off the kitchen counter. The ineffective way is to squirt her with water, yell at her, smack her or grab her. All those methods will just make her become more afraid of you. She’ll also quickly catch on to the fact that as long as you’re not around the counter is a good place to be. She’ll wait until you walk out the door to go to work and then she’ll get back on the counter. There’s a much better way to train your cat to stay off the counter without you having to be the bad guy in the process.

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The first step is to understand what attracts your cat to the counter because that will play a role in creating a better option for her.

Yummy Food and Feline-Enticing Scents

There are so many good scents coming from the counter and depending upon the time of day, there is an array of tasty food just waiting for a hungry feline to enjoy an impromptu buffet.

A Bird’s-Eye View for Your Cat

In many homes, the view out the kitchen window is very interesting, especially if you’ve installed a bird feeder right there or if the kitchen window overlooks outdoor activity such as the swingset where the kids play.

Your Cat’s Visual Advantage for Safety

The higher up your cat is, the greater her visual advantage when it comes to seeing if an opponent cat is entering into the room. This is especially important in multipet households where relationships are tense. A cat doesn’t want to be ambushed unexpectedly.

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