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How Do I Keep My Cat Off the Counters?

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Attention-Seeking Behavior by Your Cat

Sometimes the cat will jump on the counter to get your attention. Typically, it works because you probably shoo her down or talk to her. From the cat’s point of view, this method works every time even though the attention she’s receiving is negative.

Review the above list and try to figure out the reason(s) why your cat may be seeking the kitchen counter. That will be a good start toward creating alternate behavior.

Here are some examples:

if your cat is attracted to the food on the counter, remove temptation by making sure all food is put away. To entertain her, set up some puzzle feeding toysso she gets some playtime in during mealtime.

If you think she’s on the counter to look out the window, set up a cat tree or window perch at another window and place a bird feeder outside for her to watch.

In a multipet home, your cat may be trying to achieve more of a visual advantage in order to see if an opponent is approaching. To create an alternative for her, set up a  multi-perched cat tree. If you have more than two cats, consider a second cat tree as well so there will be plenty of territorial space for everyone.

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