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How Do I Keep My Cat Off the Counters?

When it comes to safety, elevation plays a key role there and cat trees are a wonderful option. Place the tree in an appealing location. Don’t hide the tree in a far-off room if the location your cat prefers is in the family room or near a particular window.

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You can create safety by putting out some cozy cat beds in elevated locations as well.

If the counter cruising behavior is an attention-seeking behavior then when she’s up there isn’t the time to make eye contact with her or engage in any type of conversation or petting. If she’s on the counter and you need to remove her just pick her up and place her on the floor without any other communication. Pay attention to her when she’s on the floor or on allowable elevated areas. This will show her the attention she wants will only be achieved when she’s where she’s supposed to be.

The next part of training involves making your counter a less-than-appealing place for feline lounging or cruising. Go to your local discount store and purchase a roll of plastic carpet protectors. Get the kind that has the pointy little feet on one side. Unroll the plastic and cut it into several  so the pieces will conform to your counter. This will also make it easier to keep the counter protected on one side when you’re working on the other side.

Place the protector pieces on the counter with the pointy feet side up. Your cat will make the association the counter isn’t an appealing area to walk on. This remote form of training will also prevent you from being associated with this unpleasant turn of events.

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Keep the carpet protector pieces in place whenever the counter isn’t be used. For this to be truly successful though you have to provide her with alternative locations. Cats live in a vertical world so elevation is very important to them. If you aren’t going to allow your cat on particular elevated areas you have to provide her with something that is more appealing.

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