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How Many Litter Boxes Should You Have?

how many litter boxes should you have

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Having more than one cat is wonderful. It’s comforting to know that your cats have each other for companionship when you aren’t at home. It’s heartwarming to watch your cats groom each other, play together and share a special bond.

Litter Box Overcrowding

The one aspect of living in a multicat home that isn’t as much fun is the fact that there’s more poop and pee in the litter box. This can be where many cat parents tend to drop the ball – not because they’re neglecting to keep the box clean, but simply because there isn’t enough litter box space to go around.

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How Many Litter Boxes Do You Need?

So, just how many litter boxes should you have? Ideally, there should be the same number of boxes as you have cats plus one extra box for good measure. Even if you try to keep the litter box perfectly clean, some cats don’t like sharing when it comes to their elimination location. It’s more difficult to keep one box clean enough for multiple cats. When you’re gone at work all day, you don’t want one of the cats to enter a litter box and not be able to find a clean enough spot in order to urinate. An overcrowded litter box can’t possibly be kept clean enough and the result may end up being that a cat feels he has no choice but to pee somewhere else. I promise you, the place he’ll end up choosing won’t be to your liking.

Shortcuts Don’t Work

You may think you can get around the cleaning issue by investing in a self-cleaning electronic litter box but that won’t address the fact that some cats aren’t comfortable sharing the box. Cats who get along in every other aspect of their lives together may feel anxiety when they have to use a litter box another cat uses.

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