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How Much Litter Should You Put in the Litter Box?

how much litter should you put in the litter box

You can get the best litter money can buy but if you put too much or too little in the box, it can create problems for your cat.

Too Much Litter

If you use too much litter it’ll end up getting kicked out over the box and you’ll end up with it getting tracked everywhere. Even if you have a covered litter box, if there’s just too much litter in there it’ll easily find its way onto your floor or carpet.

Using too much litter is also very wasteful because you’ll still have to completely empty the litter and scrub out the box on a regular basis. Filling the box with too much litter isn’t the easy way to get out of scooping or cleaning the litter.

Not Enough Litter

Not using enough litter is a litter box aversion problem just waiting to happen. An inadequate level of litter will create an odor problem as urine will have no place to be absorbed and will sit on the bottom of the litter box. If the box smells dirty, it will be far less inviting for your cat to want to go there to take care of personal business.

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It’s a natural behavior for a cat to dig in a substrate, eliminate and then cover her elimination with more of the substrate. This is a survival instinct even the most pampered indoor cat retains. If there isn’t enough litter, the cat will have a difficult time finding a clean spot in the box and will be reluctant to attempt to cover. The last thing you want to do is create a stressful environment for the cat in the litter box. Don’t give her a reason to use your living room carpet instead.

How Much Litter to Use

A general guideline is to spread about a three or four inch layer of litter in the box. This gives your cat enough litter for digging and adequate covering afterward. Every cat is an individual so pay attention to your cat’s litter box habits to see whether you need to adjust that level up or down.

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