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How often should you scoop the litter box?

How often should you scoop the

For many people, the idea of setting up a cat’s litter box is pretty basic. After all, isn’t it just a plastic box that you fill with whatever litter is the least expensive and then place the box in some corner where it won’t be seen? The cat should start using the box any minute, right? Oh, if only it could be that simple! In reality, your cat’s relationship with that little plastic box and the litter that’s in it is more complex than you realize.

There are numerous reasons why a cat may not use a litter box. We have several articles on our website here devoted just to that subject. The crucial part of solving the problem is to uncover the true underlying cause. The first place to start? Have your cat checked by the veterinarian to rule out any potential medical cause. Surprisingly, there are many conditions that can result in litter box aversion.

Is Your Cat’s Litter Box Clean?

When trying to figure out why your cat is peeing on the carpet instead of in his box, you also need to take a long hard look at the litter box set-up itself. Your idea of clean and appealing conditions may not be up to your cat’s standards. That brings me to the subject of today’s article: scooping the litter box.

Time to be very honest here. Are you really keeping up your end when it comes to scooping the box? Ideally, the box should be scooped twice a day. I know you’re probably shaking your head at the thought. Some of you may not even sneak a peek at the litter box more than a couple of times a week. Well, if your cat isn’t already exhibiting a litter box aversion problem then it’s just a matter of time. A dirty litter box is a ticking time bomb.

You’d be surprised how many times I visit a client’s home and discover the cause of the cat’s inappropriate elimination is inadequate scooping of the box by the cat parent. Cats are very clean and it isn’t comfortable to step over mounds of urine-soaked litter or dried up old feces in order to find a clean square inch for elimination. Scoop the box at least twice a day to ensure your cat will be able to find enough clean, dry space.

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