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How to Choose a Cat Perch


Cats tend to love elevated locations so incorporating more vertical territory into your environment can enhance your cat’s comfort, level of security and increase the fun factor. The most common way to add vertical territory is by placing a cat tree in the home. Other ways include window perches, cat walks, cat shelves or even just putting a bed or folded towel in your bookcase.

Which Cat Perch is Best?

One thing to consider when adding vertical territory is what type of perch would be the best choice. If you look at the many cat trees for sale online you’ll notice there are many different styles of perches. Some perches are flat, some have raised edges, some are curved and some even resemble a hammock. Which one would you cat prefer? It may not seem as if it matters much, but the style and size of the perch can make a difference in your cat’s comfort and level of security.

Cat Tree Perches

cat looking out window

Photo: Pam Johnson-Bennett

For a cat tree my recommendation would be to choose perches that have a “U” shape or raised edges. Cats feel more secure when they can feel their backs up against something as opposed to spreading out on a flat surface. Very often, if a cat naps under the bed or on a bookshelf, you’ll notice that she positions herself so her back is up against the wall. This is for security so that the cat doesn’t have to worry about anyone sneaking up behind her in an ambush attempt.

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