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How to Choose a Veterinarian

Do You Have Preferences Regarding the Type of Clinic?

      • Would you prefer a large multi- doctor practice or a smaller one-doctor clinic?
      • Is there a cats-only clinic in your area?
      • In a mixed practice, would you prefer they have a separate cat waiting room and exam room?
      • Do you need a clinic with later hours or a 24/hour clinic based on your work schedule?
      • Do you want a clinic that is also a boarding facility?
      • A house call or mobile clinic?
      • Does the clinic have emergency services or is there an emergency clinic nearby?

 Visit the Veterinary Clinic

If you want to spend a few minutes talking with the veterinarian (a good idea) and touring the facility (another good idea), then call ahead of time to schedule a short appointment. It’s not fair to expect the veterinarian to see you unannounced.


      • Upon driving up to the clinic, what is your first impression?
      • How does the waiting room look?
      • Does it have an odor or does it smell clean?
      • Does it look clean and well-maintained?
      • Pay attention to the receptionist – is he/she friendly and knowledgeable?
      • Are phonecalls answered quickly and professionally?
      • Take a tour behind the scenes. Boarded animals should be kept separate from hospital patients.


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Determine What Services are Important to You When it Comes to the Care of Your Cat


      • Emergency services
      • House calls
      • Extensive in-house laboratory testing
      • In-house diagnostic testing (such as endoscopy, ultrasound, etc)
      • Nutrition Counseling
      • Grooming
      • Boarding
      • Behavior counseling (if so, who does this and what are their qualifications or do they refer cases)

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