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How Your Cat may React to Your Children’s Halloween Costumes

You may love to watch your children jumping all around and acting in character when they dress up in their Halloween costumes but your cat may have a completely different reaction. Some cats may be frightened when seeing someone walk or run into the room wearing a costume. Depending on the costume, your child may act out the part as they move and talk like their character. Swords may be swished from side to side, scary monsters may scream or growl and mask-wearing children may try to get up close to the family pet in a playful attempt to scare.

A normally timid cat seeing his family members reacting in loud and frightening ways may create fear. What your children may view as good-natured fun may cause anxiety for the unsuspecting cat.

Instruct your children not to try to scare the cat. If family pets are timid or easily frightened, place them in another room during the costume display so everyone can have a good time.


And speaking of Halloween costumes, don’t dress your cat up in a Halloween costume. It’s uncomfortable for him and there’s no reason to cause stress to the cat just for the sake of getting a few pictures.





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