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Leash Training Your Indoor Cat

Even if you never plan on taking your cat on a walk outdoors there’s a good reason to leash train her. It can help with a new cat introduction, aggressive issues between companion cats or even when introducing a dog to your cat. If you’re dealing with a cat who displays offensive aggression toward companion pets in the home you can leash train her to help her stay “checked in” with you and at a safe distance from the target of her aggression. The fact that she can’t actively go after the target of her aggression can also help the other cat relax. This leads to an all-over relaxation in body language communication between the cats.

Start Slow When Training Your Cat to a Leash

You can’t just slap a harness and leash on a cat and expect her to be comfortable and know what to do. The training process involves gradual desensitization. Start by getting a harness made for a cat and a lightweight leash. Initially, just leave the harness and leash on the floor for your cat to sniff and investigate. When she’s comfortable with that you can put the harness on loosely while kitty eats dinner or gets a super yummy treat. Gradually increase the time she wears it. Work up to being able to adjust the harness so that it fits appropriately. Next, attach the leash and hold it loosely while she walks around.

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