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Are Litter Box Liners a Good Idea?

Your Cat’s Claws + Plastic Liner = Holes

Cats with claws can poke holes in the liners as they scratch, allowing urine to seep through to the bottom of the litter box. If cats get their claws stuck in the plastic as they attempt to cover it can create an unpleasant association with the litter box. This can result in cats seeking out other elimination locations.

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How Does the Cat Feel About This?

Some cats object to the feel of the liners, especially ill-fitting ones that end up with lots of folds. This may lead to litter box aversion if the box becomes an unpleasant place.

Potential Problems During Clean-Up

When it’s time to scoop the litter, the scoop itself can get caught in the folds of the liner which can make it difficult to gather up all the soiled litter. You can also accidentally create a hole in the liner with the sharp edge of the scoop.

To completely change out the litter you should be able to simply lift up the litter-filled liner and toss the whole thing away without any mess, right? Well, if there are holes in the liner then litter will fall through in several tiny streams. If urine has leaked through the holes then you’ll have either wet or dried urine on the outside of the liner as well as on the bottom of the litter box. Suddenly the liner doesn’t seem so convenient now.

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