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Is the Litter Box in the Right Place?


is the litter box in the right place

When a cat stops using the litter box it’s a very stressful situation. It’s obviously extremely stressful for the poor cat but it’s also very stressful for the human family members. Nobody is happy when kitty pees in locations other than the litter box.

There are many reasons for litter box aversion and we have several articles here on our website that cover this topic. As always though, the very first thing you should do when your cat stops using the box is to take her to the veterinarian in order to rule out any underlying medical issue. This step should never be skipped

One reason for elimination outside of the box that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves is location aversion. Where you place the box can play an important role in whether it gets successfully used, periodically used or never used. Here are a few potential triggers for litter box location aversion.

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