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Multicat Households: Keeping the Peace

multicat cat households: keeping the peace

The key to keeping peace in a multicat household is to make sure there are enough resources and space for everyone. That doesn’t mean you have to move out of your current home and into a mansion, but it does mean there might need to be some tweaking done to the current environment. If each cat feels there are enough safe choices in terms of where to eat, sleep, eliminate and play, life will be much happier. If they must all adhere to only one option, then that increases the chances of territorial disputes and also increases the stress level. Here are some quick reminders:

Proper Introduction of Cats

If you’re bring home a new cat to your resident cat(s), make sure you start off on the right foot by doing a proper introduction. If you try to just put the cats in together to “work it out” you will set them up for failure. The right introduction involves giving them a reason to like each other. It’s worth the time to go slowly and make the experience a positive one in order to set everyone up to succeed. Remember, the newcomer will be faced with not only unfamiliar cats, but also a totally unfamiliar environment. The resident cat will be facing the fact that there’s a feline intruder in the home and it could mean a threat to his security. Proper introductions can make all the difference in the success of this experience.

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Cat Feeding Stations

Don’t ask cats to share one community food bowl because that can become an invitation to intimidation if one cat bullies another in an attempt to be the first one (or only one) at the dinner plate. In many cases, the solution may just involve providing more than one bowl in the feeding area so each cat has an assigned spot. In other cases though, there may need to be additional feeding stations set up in other rooms. A cat who tries to nose others out of the food bowl can’t be in more than one place at one time. The feeding station should inspire security and safety.

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Litter Boxes

There should be more litter boxes than there are cats in the household. In addition to having an adequate number of boxes, place them in locations throughout the house and not in one room. If one cat feels nervous about passing through another cat’s area in order to eliminate, he may decide it’s just too stressful and could end up either eliminating on the carpet or retaining his urine until the last possible second. Either of those options aren’t good ideas. Reduce stress by making sure boxes are located in areas where each cat feels most comfortable.

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Scratching Posts

Provide multiple scratching posts in the home. Marking is one of the functions of scratching and some cats may not want to share a scratching post. You may also notice that each cat has a particular preference when it comes to where, when or how they scratch. One cat may prefer horizontal scratching, one might do vertical scratching, another may like to scratch just after waking from a nap, etc. Place scratching posts in locations where the cats like to scratch and provide the type of post that will accommodate scratching preferences.

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