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Prevent Your Cat From Unrolling the Toilet Paper

prevent your cat from unrolling the toilet paper

It happens in homes all across the world. The cat walks into the bathroom and spots something too hard to resist… the toilet paper hanging next to the toilet. As he reaches up to touch it with his paw, he discovers a great new activity: toilet paper unrolling and shredding. Within minutes your bathroom looks as if a snowstorm has gone through it.

A cat may also develop an interest in the toilet paper roll as a substitute scratching post. As he scratches, the paper continues to unwind and you’re left with a pile of claw-marked paper on the floor. For a cat who is bored, the unraveling of the toilet paper roll becomes a fun activity because it involves movement.

What Can You Do to Stop Your Cat From Unrolling the Toilet Paper?

What are your options for outwitting a toilet paper-loving feline? Here are some tips:

  • Before placing the new roll on the holder, squeeze it so the cardboard insert isn’t perfectly round. That way, when kitty tries to unravel it, the roll won’t spin around so freely.

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