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Ringworm in Cats

What is Ringworm?

Although it’s called ringworm it’s not actually a worm. Ringworm is a fungus. This highly contagious fungal infection affects both pets and humans. Ringworm spores can be found on the animal or in the environment such on the bedding — anything that comes in contact with the animal’s hair.

How it’s Transmitted

Transmission occurs by coming in direct contact with the infected animal’s hair or by coming in contact items in an environment that have also been in contact with the animal’s hair.

Young cats, ones living in stressful conditions or cat-dense environments, geriatric cats and ones with compromised immune systems are more likely to become infected.

Many healthy adults usually have a resistance to the fungal infection.

Symptoms of Ringworm

The typical symptom is a crusty skin patch with missing hair or broken-off, stubble-like hair. Lesions most commonly appear on the head, ears, tail or nails.

Ringworm lesions may or may not cause irritation and itching.

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