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Sharing Resources in a Multicat Home

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When you have a multicat household, everyone may get along famously or you may have some issues ranging from mild, occasional squabbles to full-time turf wars. Since cats are territorial, you can help ease much of the multicat stress by making sure there are adequate resources available for everyone.

Resources in a Multicat Home

By resources, I’m referring to food, water, litter box, resting areas, toys and scratching locations. These are all the things your cat needs but depending upon the dynamics in your multicat home, one or more of the cats may guard the route to the food bowl or litter box or perhaps a cat has claimed the one scratching post. You may have a situation where all the cats happily share the scratching post or the cat tree but there is major intimidation happening at the feeding station. If you create enough for everyone, you’ll go a long way in keeping the peace.

Location of a Cat’s Resources

It’s not just about having six litter boxes for six cats – it’s about where the resources are located. Provide resources in each cat’s preferred location so that a more timid cat doesn’t have to cross the path of a higher ranking or more intimidating companion cat.

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