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Six Reasons Why You shouldn’t Dress Cats in Halloween Costumes

6 reasons why you shouldn't dress cats in halloween costumes

Halloween is coming and costumes are on the minds of many people. Parents are helping their children pick out the perfect ones or they’re channeling their inner Martha Stewart and creating homemade costumes.

When you open your door to trick-or-treaters this year, as every year before, you’ll not only see children dressed up, but many adults as well. Not to be outdone, many dog parents will also adorn their precious pooches with the latest in Halloween canine fashion. And, although you probably won’t see any costumed cats strolling the streets, rest assured, there will be plenty of felines enduring the costume ritual as well.

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Do Cats Enjoy This?

Although there certainly are some cats who have been dressed up in Halloween costumes (or any costume) from the time they were little kittens and are very used to it by now, it still doesn’t make it a wise thing to do. They may tolerate it and may not even mind it but I seriously doubt one could go out on a limb and say cats actually enjoy it.

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