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Some Cats Prefer Horizontal Scratching

Cats are Individuals

Some cats prefer not to scratch on vertical objects. These are the cats who scratch on welcome mats, carpets, throw rugs, even sofa cushions. You may have a cat who exclusively scratches horizontally or maybe she enjoys the option of being able to engage in both horizontal and vertical scratching.

If you bought or built a sturdy vertical scratching post that’s covered in a very appealing material (such as sisal) and kitty ignores it, you might have a horizontal scratcher on your hands.

Think Horizontally When Shopping

The easiest way to provide a horizontal scratching surface for your cat is to purchase a corrugated cardboard scratch pad. These pads are readily available at your local pet product store and online. They come in various widths so you can easily find one to fit any location in your home. The cardboard scratching pads are usually treated with catnip as well for added enticement.

There are even scratching pads designed on an incline for the cats who like to engage in a little horizontal and vertical scratching at the same time.

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