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Teach Your Kitten to Enjoy Being Touched

teach your kitten to enjoy being touched

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You’ve just brought a new kitten home to the family. Although it’s loads of fun to watch this revved up little being run, tumble and explore everything, you need to start the training process right away. Many cat parents are good at kitten-proofing the home, teaching kitty where the food and litter are, etc., but one area where people don’t plan ahead is teaching the youngster to accept being touched. Looking at your healthy, active, fun-loving kitten, it’s hard to picture a time in the future when she’ll need medication (either orally or topically). If you haven’t gotten her comfortable with having her ears handled or having your fingers near her mouth then I’m pretty sure the first time you attempt to medicate her won’t be a pleasant experience for anyone.

Be a Gentle Teacher to Your Cat

Kittenhood is also the time when you want to get your furry new family member introduced to having her teeth cleaned and her nails trimmed. The sooner you expose her to these experiences, the easier it’ll be later on. If you don’t work on nail trimming when your cat is a kitten you stand a very good chance of never being able to safely keep those nails in good shape. You don’t want to have to make a trip to the veterinary clinic once a month just to do nail trimming when you have the opportunity right now to begin the training process.

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It Begins with Touch

Start off on the right foot by planning ahead and preparing your cat to accept and hopefully even enjoy being touched. Some kitties like being touched in particular areas but are sensitive about other parts of their body. Many cats can be paw-shy and they don’t like having their claws touched.  Help your kitten learn to associate being touched in sensitive areas by petting near that area one or two times and then offering a treat.

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