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Ten Tips for Tubby Tabbies

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4. Feed Your Cat Smaller Meals More Often

Instead of putting a large amount of food down once or twice a day, portion the food out so you can feed smaller meals more frequently. Cats have small stomachs and eating smaller meals will be more natural for her.

5. Cats Love to Work for Food

Putting food in the bowl should only be a partial way of feeding your cat. Cats were hardwired to work for food. Cats are hunters so it’s normal for them to seek and discover food sources. Instead of piling the food into the bowl, use puzzle feeders for your cat. You can buy them at your local pet supply store or you can make your own. In addition to giving the cat an opportunity to “work” for food, the puzzle feeder encourages slow eating so if you have a cat who gulps the food down the second you place the bowl on the floor, the puzzle feeder may be the solution.

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6. Beware of Softhearted Family Members

For some in the family (and maybe that person is YOU), it only takes a persistent meow from the cat or a sad look from her in order to get you to fill the food bowl or offer a treat. You won’t be doing her any favors if you or any other family member starts to sneak extra food her way. Instead, offer her a bonus play session!

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