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The Squirt Bottle Controversy

The Squirt Bottle Controversy

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It looks innocent enough. It’s a little plastic squirt bottle sitting on the kitchen counter. In that plastic bottle is plain tap water. That little plastic bottle, as innocent as it looks, has become the tool that is destroying the bond you share with your cat. The reason? You’re using the squirt bottle to deter your cat from engaging in any number of behaviors you deem inappropriate or unwanted.

It’s an Ineffective Tool for Training Your Cat

The squirt bottle deterrent, in many cat households, has become the popular method for keeping cats off counters and tables. It is also the way many people attempt to stop their cats from scratching the furniture. The squirt bottle is used to stop a cat who is getting too aggressive, either with another companion animal or with a human family member. The squirt bottle has become the tool many cat guardians reach for immediately when the cat isn’t acting the way we want him to act.