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Transitioning Your Cat From Dry Food to Wet Food

Wet food is often viewed as more palatable by cats.

Your veterinarian may have put your cat on a prescription formula food that only comes in wet form.



Before Making the Change From Dry Cat Food

Unless your veterinarian has prescribed a specific formula or brand of food, take time to research which food would be best for your cat. Seek your veterinarian’s advice regarding various brands and also spend time in your local pet product store in order to read labels and becomes educated about what’s in the food you’re considering offering to your cat.


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Keep in mind that cats are obligate carnivores so when you read cat food labels pay attention to the order of how ingredients are listed on the side of the can. You want to see good quality protein sources listed first.

A Gradual Transition For Your Cat

Even if you’re going to change your cat over to the best quality wet food from a bargain basement dry food, it’s important that you not rush. Don’t take the attitude that your cat will eat when she gets hungry enough because that can result in a potentially life-threatening situation for your cat. Hepatic lipidosis is a life-threatening liver condition that can develop when a cat goes without eating for more than 24 hours. Even if your cat eats a small amount of food, it may not be enough to prevent her from hepatic lipidosis.

Going from dry food to wet food is a huge change. Going from one brand of dry food to another brand of dry is sometimes difficult enough because of smell, taste and texture issues but imagine how strange it might be for many cats to experience the very unfamiliar texture of wet food. So don’t be in a rush to do this transition and don’t take the tough love stance.

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