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When it Comes to the Litter Box Set-up, Follow the “Keep it Simple” Rule

When setting up the litter box, the more complicated you make it, the less likely your cat will want to go there. Sure, you can find litter boxes on the market that do just about everything except take the bag of dirty litter out to the trash can for you, but the price you pay for them (and I’m not talking financial price) may be too high.

Ok, I admit that scooping the litter box isn’t the fun part of living with cats. Many humans go so far as to try to pretend there isn’t even a litter box in the house at all by locating it in such a remote area  a cat would need a GPS to find it. The reality is if you live with a cat he needs a litter box and that box should be:

1) the right size/type

2) kept clean

3) conveniently located

Taking shortcuts when it comes to setting up and maintaining a litter box will put you on a slippery slope toward being the cat parent of a cat with a litter box aversion problem.

books by author Pam Johnson-Bennett and a quote from Winn Feline Foundation


The most common calls our office receives are from people who have cats with litter box problems. Many of those problems are the result of cat guardians not following the 1-2-3 rule mentioned above. I’ve visited countless homes where litter boxes were hidden in damp basements or shoved in dark closets. I’ve seen boxes where it was obvious they hadn’t been scooped in days. Those poor cats had to step on mounds of soiled litter while attempting to eliminate. Would you want to use a toilet that hadn’t been flushed for days?

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