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Why Does My Cat Carry Food Away From the Bowl?


why does my cat carry food away from the bowl

You’ve set up the ideal feeding station for your cat. You picked the perfect bowl and maybe even put a placemat underneath to catch any food or water spills. You’ve done your research and picked top quality food for your cat. Instead of enjoying her meal at the feeding station though, your cat grabs a chunk of wet food or several pieces of dry food in her mouth and dashes off to another location to finish eating. When she has swallowed that food she comes back to the bowl, takes another mouthful and dashes off again. Why does she keep going back and forth instead of just eating at the feeding station? Here are a few reasons why some cats engage in this behavior.

Protecting the Catch

Going off to a hiding place may allow the cat to eat in peace without having other cats try to steal it away. If you’ve watched nature shows on television you’ve probably seen wild cats often take their catch off to a more hidden area. This instinct exists in domestic cats as well. Even your indoor cat has that same need to protect her “prey” from being stolen out from under her.

Cats are solitary hunters and they take down small prey that basically provides a meal only for one. The cat doesn’t have the benefit of others helping guard a large catch. The cat is on her own and the best protection is to move to a safer location.

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