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Why Does My Cat Kick Litter out of the Box?


why does my cat kick litter out of the box


You may live with a cat whose litter box habits are nothing short of spectacular, where not one particle of litter makes its way out of the box. Maybe you’re not so lucky though. Perhaps your cat sends mounds of litter out of the box and onto the floor where you manage to step on it every time you walk by. He may kick so enthusiastically that litter shoots halfway across the room. Why do some cats do that and is there anything you can do to discourage this behavior?

Why Cats Dig and Cover

For cats in an outdoor environment, staying safe is a priority. The instinct cats have is to find a soft substrate, dig a small hole, eliminate and then cover their waste.  This behavior helps hide their scent so predators aren’t alerted to their presence. The locations cats choose for elimination are also a distance from where they sleep and raise their young. Keeping predators away is a top priority.

Litter Box Restrictions

In the outdoors, a cat can stretch his legs out as far as needed to dig to the desired depth. There are also no limitations on how much he covers or how far the substrate particles can fly.