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Keep Pets Safe This Labor Day Weekend


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Summer days are winding down and we’re beginning the Labor Day weekend. This is the weekend when most people close out summer by having cook-outs. Even though many areas may no longer be seeing the hottest summer weather anymore, this holiday weekend can pose some risks for pets.

Pet Safety Reminders

Prevent escapes. Make sure your indoor cat doesn’t escape outside if you’re entertaining and company will be moving back and forth between indoors and outdoors. It’s easy to not notice a fast little cat or dog sneaking out while you’re busy carrying a tray of food or drinks.

Watch the hot grill. Make sure your pet doesn’t go near the hot grill. Keep grill lid closed when you aren’t there to supervise. For dogs especially, the aroma from the grill or the sight of a piece of steak sitting on the edge can be too tempting.

Out of Reach. Many of our foods are too rich (and some are extremely dangerous) for our pets so if you have a food-stealing pet, make sure dishes are kept out of reach. That goes for the trash cans as well.

Photo by Pam Menegakis on Unsplash

Dangerous foods. Even seemingly innocent foods such as grapes or raisins are dangerous so pick up anything that falls to the ground. Pets are incredibly fast when they spot a morsel hit the patio so make sure food is cleaned up immediately.

No tablescraps. Instruct guests not to feed tablescraps to your pet. Some guests may be used to feeding their own pets form the table so make sure it’s understood that your pets are not fed that way. If your pet has a tendency to beg, then the best option might be to keep her indoors until the meal is finished.

Supervise children. Watch how visiting children interact with your pet. If she isn’t used to children, put her in a separate room. Even if she is typically great with kids, if the children who are visiting are rough or too frantic, then the safest place for your pet would be to be kept in a safe location.

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