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Kitten Litter Box Training

kitten litter box training

Unless you’ve rescued an orphaned kitten who is still in the bottle-feeding stage, chances are you won’t have to teach the furry little one how to eliminate but you will have to create a litter box set-up that’s conveniently located and easy to get in and out of.  You will also have to provide guidance and help your kitten with timing. Some kittens get the hang of the litter box right away and others need more hand (paw) holding. Just don’t assume kittens come pre-programmed to know where all the pee and poop belong. They need your help!

A Box Fit for a Kitten

litter box problems

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As the kitten grows, she’ll appreciate having a big box with lots of room, but for now, the litter box set-up needs to be kitten-friendly. The box should be easy for a young kitten to get in and out of. A high-sided box will be too difficult for a youngster to crawl over, especially with a full bladder. Keep in mind a kitten won’t have the bladder control of an adult cat so when she has to “go” it’s usually urgent.

Choose a low-sided box. This will not only help in terms of being able to get into it, but also, if the kitten can see the litter, it may serve as an added reminder. Seeing the soft substrate may remind her that this is the place to dig, eliminate and cover her waste.

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