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Protect Your Garden From Outdoor Cats

Even if you keep your cat safely indoors, your neighbors may not and as a result, you might be dealing with a few cats viewing your lovely garden as an outdoor litter box pit stop. This is a problem because there are potential health concerns, destruction to your plants and the added potential behavioral problem of having your indoor cat upset at the sight of an outdoor cat in his yard so up close and personal.

From the outdoor cat’s point of view, your garden can be a very inviting litter box alternative. The loose soil makes it easy for the cat to dig and cover and tall plants or shrubs provide some camouflage. So, you really can’t blame the neighborhood cats for choosing such an ideal location but still, it’s not the place you want them leaving their special “deposits.” Here are some tips for keeping cats out of your garden:

Garden Netting or Chicken Wire

Place the netting under a light layer of soil or mulch so it’ll be uncomfortable for outdoor cats to effectively dig in the garden. You can cut the netting to fit around plants. Some people also use chicken wire and that’s certainly very effective but the garden netting is much easier on your hands when tending to your garden and you won’t run the risk of a sharp edge sticking up out of the soil. If you’re having a severe enough problem with outdoor cats though, you may prefer to use chicken wire. Carefully cut holes for the plants to come through and be sure no sharp edges are exposed.

Decorative Stones

If you have a small decorative garden you can strategically place some smooth stones over the soil to deter the cats.

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