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Cat Myth: Cats are Aloof and Independent

cat myth cats are aloof and independent

I began doing cat behavior consulting in 1982. Back then, it was very common to hear people referring to one myth or the other about cats. Many people were resigned to living with a cat who had behavior problems. Many didn’t feel it was worth putting much time and effort into it because everyone knew cats were aloof, independent, not affectionate and certainly untrainable. While I never agreed with those myths, I did understand why people believed them because there wasn’t much accurate information out there about cats. What surprises me these days is that there’s so much information available and all you have to do is watch a social media video featuring cats to see that they are social, trainable and most definitely not aloof. People routinely mislabel cats are solitary as well so they never make an attempt to provide companionship for the cat no matter how lonely that the cat may be. The problem with our perception is that we keep comparing cats and dogs and trying to show one species is better than the other. The truth is that they’re just different.

No Aloofness Here

Cats are very tuned into their environment because they’re hardwired as predators. Their keen senses are on high alert for the sight, sound or smell of potential prey. So what you may interpret as a cat being aloof is actually your exquisitely designed companion being ready for anything. Just because your cat may not jump to immediate attention when you call her name, doesn’t mean she’s aloof – she’s focused.


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