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The Size of Your Cat’s Litter Box

If you’ve ever had to use an airplane lavatory, you can probably relate!

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Don’t go Overboard

While a large litter box is great, don’t get something so big you won’t be able to lift it in order to scrub it clean. Just scooping the box isn’t sufficient when it comes to maintenance. You will have to scrub the box out at least once a month (more often if you’re not using scoopable litter) so make sure it’s still a size that’s manageable. If you do get creative and find a plastic tub that’s super-sized, just be sure you can handle the cleaning or will have some assistance when it comes time to dump all the litter, clean the box and refill. A large box filled with 200 lbs of litter isn’t an excuse to never thoroughly empty and scrub the box on a regular basis.



More Than One Cat?

If you have a multicat household, don’t try to get away with having one large litter box. No matter how big the box may be, cats don’t always want to share it. In order to keep a lid on any tension between the cats, it’s better to have multiple litter boxes scattered throughout the home. This way, one cat doesn’t have to cross through another cat’s preferred area in order to eliminate. Each box still needs to be the right size but just don’t line them up together side by side. When it comes to number of boxes, make sure you have more boxes than cats. Pay attention to preferred areas so you can locate boxes in spots where various cats feel the most comfortable.

Need More Information?

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